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One of Herdsman's clients is featured in the current issue of National Hog Farmer. to see what Illinois pork producers Jim and Steve Moest are using Herdsman to accomplish.

ERDSMAN is a software program that, in its simplest form, collects data from swine farms and summarizes that data, on-farm, into standard reports and action lists to better manage the farm.

In more complex editions, Herdsman has the capacity to create individual animals at farrowing and link them to their parents. You can therefore track multigenerational lineage and inbreeding. In this pedigree analysis you can track 4 reproductive traits and 3 performance traits on each animal and its relationship to the mean of its contemporaries (Multi-trait EBV(or EPD) Analysis). This allows establishment of EBV's or EPD's (Estimated Breeding Values or Estimated Progeny Differences) and combinations of EBV's into various Indexes. We are currently integrating this system to download national data from CCSI (Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement) and from the US national system, "Stages". On-Farm Calculations can be done with an Iteration System or with the Pest or BLUP add-in module.

We at S & S have been tracing individual pigs for 25 years. We are experts in the field. We do similar work for the National Swine Registry (the purebred breed associations in the US) and for other species in pedigree work. This history gives us experience in the individual pig-tracking field for food safety and meat origination technology.

Keith Schuman and the employee group at S & S Programming pride themselves on providing personal attention, customized solutions and a continually evolving product line that includes upgrades for clients as each program is continually evaluated and enhanced to meet changing professional requirements. For more information about Keith Schuman to view his resume.


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