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    General Information
  • Standardized reports, action lists, charting
  • Easily import PigChamp™ and PigWin™
  • BLUP on-farm genetic evaluation and tracking
  • No data-share benchmarking
  • Individual pig tracking
  • Genetic module available for EBV calculations
  • In-house GP systems to direct matings
  • Multiple languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean
  • Decades of software expertise backs your purchase
  • One-on-one account service and tech support

    Bronze Edition (Generally for commercial units)
  • Produce individual sow farrowing cards
  • Creates projected farrowing & preg-check schedules
  • Tracks sire usage
  • Import/Export Function
  • Active Charting
  • Automatic sow grouping configurations
  • Includes Breeding Menu, Farrowing Menu, Cull Menu, Individual Animal Menus (Boar, Sow, & Pig)
    Silver Edition
  • Calculates feed efficiencies, daily consumption, rate of gain, current inventories hog days and pounds of pork produced for all facilitates
  • Group grow/finish inventory reporting
  • Lot closeout and inventory adjustments
  • Includes Bronze Edition Plus: Grower Finisher Menu
    Gold Edition (Generally for Breeders)
  • Automatically transfer animals with a complete 3-generation pedigree to other Herdsman users
  • Enter individual pig scan data or electronically download Real Time scan data
  • Calculate % lean by NSIF or Auskey parameters
  • Produce single trait or multi-series charts
  • Includes Silver Edition Plus: Customer Conversations, Charting Menu, H.E.R.D. Menu, Performance Menu
    Platinum Edition (Generally for Breeders)
  • Analyze and select genetically superior animals
  • Evaluate both pure and crossbred litters
  • Evaluate more traits than any other commercially available source-- including EPD's for Born Alive, Litter Birth Weight, Days to market weight, Backfat, Loin-Eye Area and Lean Gain per Day
  • Chart genetic progress over time for any trait or index
  • Evaluate sub-lines within a breed
  • Genetic data available on the input screens
  • Alternate EBV calculations with CCSI, iteration or "PEST"
  • Includes Gold Edition plus: Within Herd EBV / EPD Menu
    Diamond Edition (Generally for Breeders)
  • Links GGP with GP reproductive and performance traits and increases accuracies by genetic ties
  • Connect nucleus herds with multiplier and commercial herds, creating a more accurate genetic analysis of all animals in the system
  • Provides quality proprietary genetic information for those who do not wish to share data
  • Includes Platinum Edition plus: Across-Herd EBV / EPD Menu

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